Kindred Matters…A New Chapter!

Camp To Belong Oregon’s name is changing…but our mission is the same as ever!

For nearly 15 years, Camp To Belong Oregon has served Northwest youth through sibling camps. In 2013, Camp To Belong Oregon expanded it’s program offerings to foster families through Family Camp. With the addition of regular sibling activities (KINnect Events) throughout the state in 2017, it became clear that the organization’s mission had evolved to encompass more than summer camp. This broadened focus led our leadership team to make a shift to include all three of our programs under one name.

After careful consideration, Kindred Matters was selected as the new organization name. Camp To Belong Oregon, Family Camp and KINnect Events will all continue to run under this new name. The word kindred describes “a group of related individuals.” Because our programs support families–biological, foster, adoptive, kinship, or otherwise–we felt Kindred was the perfect word to describe the non-traditional family groups we serve! We also know that supporting positive family connections is integral to achieving good outcomes for youth in the child welfare system; thus, positive family connections and good outcomes for youth are “kindred matters!”

We are very excited to make this announcement and to embark on our next chapter as Kindred Matters. We look forward to providing many more years of high quality programming for families in the Northwest!