Our Stories

Thank you for choosing me and my little sister to come to camp. I had no idea how much fun it would really be. I got to know my sister a lot more. I was actually able to bond with her. I haven’t done any bonding for at least two years with her. I will never forget this camp and all of the amazing staff. Thank you all again and I hope to come back next year. I will tell others about this camp. I was very happy to know that all of us foster kids are like biological kids. There is no difference. I learned that this year! Thank you all so much! — April

You are all awesome people to be around. You are great for what you have done for kids like me. I really love you guys and I will never forget what you have done for me and I want to say thanks a whole lot. All of us campers thank you for what you are doing. — Logan C.

I really appreciate you guys letting us come to camp. I thank you cause my brother and sister and I had a lot of fun. — Angelica, Nathaniel, and Jessica

Thank you for letting my brothers and me spend time having fun. Thank you counselors for all the fun times and we are glad we went to CTB. — Thai

Thank you for letting me and my sister Jamaica come to camp. We really have been enjoying our selves and we want to come back to camp because we hardly see each other. So thank you. — DeShawn

I had fun and enjoy the activities you have come up with. I wanted to tell you counselors that CTB is my favorite camp. I hope I get to see you all next year! — Jamaica

Thanks for all of the great things that you did like first off holding this camp! I never get to see my brother and this camp made that possible. I was so much fun and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. — Miranda

Thank you everyone for your really hard work. I loved it all: swimming, boating, hiking, and more stuff. — Sabrina M.

Thank you very much for all the things that you do for us and all the things that you do for all of the kids here at camp to help us all have a fun time. — Justin B.

Camp To Belong is Great! Thank you for giving your time so I can see my brother and have an amazing time and great memories! Thank you! — Adam