KINnect Events

In 2017, Kindred Matters began hosting KINnect Events to provide more regular spaces for siblings living separated to be together.

Regular contact is important for maintaining strong relationships. Sibling visitation within the foster care system is often tied to parental visitation, or limited to a few hours per month. In cases like these, one KINnect Event can provide as much visitation time as several months of supervised visits. By providing consistent opportunities for brothers and sisters to be together in a safe, childhood environment, siblings will be able to stay connected and serve a regular role in each other’s lives.

KINnect Events are free and occur on Saturdays or Sundays for 3-4 hours. Events include an activity (such as swimming, bowling, arts and crafts, outdoor adventures, skating) and a meal.

At this time, events are occuring during the school year on a bi-monthly basis in the greater Portland, Salem, Eugene and Bend areas. To be eligible to participate, siblings must be living separated from at least one siblings.

To refer a sibling group to participate in Kinnect Events, please contact